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Do you want to steal the show at the halloween party? This ultra realistic SIX Skill™ mask covers your entire head and has a movable jaw!

You're tired of the simple masks that are clearly fake...

You want an outfit that will send shivers down everyone's spine when they see you!

You want a mask where people question themselves if this is just another Halloween outfit, or if they actually just came across a real skeleton😱

If this is you, we've got some good news!

You can finally stop your search because the SIX Skull™ mask cannot be distinguished from a real skull.


Friends and family will be blown away by your ultra-realistic Halloween outfit. The SIX Skull™ matches perfectly with any skeleton or zombie outfit! You will without a doubt steal the show at any Halloween party and get tons of compliments on your amazing look!👻

  • ULTRA REALISTIC - The SIX design team really put their hearts into this amazing creation. Every detail of a real skull is incorporated in this full head mask.

  • MOVABLE JAW - What is the fun in a mask if you can't make it come to life? That is exactly what we thought when making this mask, so to make it even more realistic and scary the jaw moves when you talk (or bite...)

  • BREATHABLE - No one wants to be dripping in sweat after an intense Halloween party. The  SIX Skull™ is made of breathable material to make sure you don't pass out because it's too hot in there!

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Most Halloween masks are simple cheap masks, made of disposable material. Which is fun for one night, but after your Halloween party, it's most likely broken... This SIX mask is different. We put a lot of effort into making sure you'll have years of fun with this mask. Thanks to the high-quality latex design it's actually party-proof!
    • Material: Latex
    • Package Includes: 1 Halloween Mask
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